Now Available in British Columbia: Cariboo Light 15 Packs!

After the original release of our OG Cariboo Genuine Lager, we started getting a lot of questions about a lighter style of beer for those looking for something lighter in ABV and calories without sacrificing that smooth, crisp, Genuine Cariboo taste. in 2012, we answered that question with the release of Cariboo Light, a lighter version of our tried and true Cariboo Genuine which could be found for sale across our home province of British Columbia at local private Cariboo retailers in sleek, silver can 6 packs. The Boo Light 6 pack not only gained a cult following across British Columbia, but it also opened up a whole new question of “Will you make a bigger pack size of Cariboo Light!?” and in 2022 on the 10th anniversary of the original release of Cariboo Light, the answer is: Yes!

We can finally tell you that Cariboo Light 15 Packs are NOW AVAILABLE at private retailers in British Columbia!

If you haven’t given this one a go yet, Light it up! Each 355ml can of Cariboo Light is made with our very own pure BC spring water and weighs in at 4.0% ABV with just 100 calories per 355ml can, and with Summer ’22 heating up, New Cariboo Light 15’s are sure to be a summer staple.

Look for Cariboo Light 15’s ON SALE at participating private Cariboo retailers in BC this Summer!

Volume: 15 x 355 mL Cans
Alcohol : 4.0 %
Calories : 100