Need a March Break? Cariboo Genuine 6’s $1 off at BC Liquor Stores all March long!

British Columbia! You might just want to head over to local BC Liquor Stores this month, because the beer that started it all is ON SALE!

Keep an eye out for Made-In-BC Cariboo Genuine 6 packs in local BCL’s because they’ve got them on sale ALL MARCH LONG for a buck (a cariboo?!?) off!

#CaribooGenuine is our OG Genuine Lager, and was our first release when Cariboo Brewing opened its doors. The main ingredient is our Pure Spring Water aquifer located underneath the brewery, which allows us to produce a crisp, clean Lager that is free of impurities, weighs in at 5.5% abv, and pairs well with good friends and good times.

With St. Patricks Day coming up, skip the green beer and go with the green can! #CaribooGenuine 6 packs are available at over 177 BC Liquor Stores across BC, and they are ON SALE until March 31st. Boo Yah!