Merch Report: Cariboo Floatie

We are BIG fans of Summer around here at Cariboo Brewing, so you just KNOW we are going to come up with some pretty sweet Summer items for you to get out there and get after it with!

Our Giant Inflatable Cariboo is PERFECT for day of floating with friends! Sizing up at 210 x 120 x 140 Cm’s , This is one BIG Boo! Float on your own with plenty of room for activities OR pair up with a first mate, because this Big Boo is designed to float up to 2 people!

It features Dual Cup Holders, as well as Dual Handles so you can hold on tight, OR tether up with your friends to float with your whole herd! It also has 2 BIG Air Valves that fit just about any size Air Pump you can think of, so you can pump this bad boy up in a flash, score yourself more time out on the water, AND Squeeze that last bit of air out when your packing it up for the day.

On top of all that, our Giant Cariboo Floatie is logo’d out with 2 side logos, and a GIANT bottom Cariboo logo so anyone at the Pool, Lake, or River, will know how you Boo!

Look for these available to Enter to Win at participating private liquor stores this summer, OR keep an eye on the Cariboo Store to pick one up of your very own!




  • Size: 210 x 120 x 140cm
  • Dual Cup Holders
  • Dual Handles ( Use them to hold on tight OR tether up with friends)
  • 2 BIG Air Valves for easy inflating with almost any air-pump
  • Side Logos + BIG Bottom Logo
  • Floats up to 2 people


Please float responsibly!