Cariboo Genuine 24 Packs NOW AVAILABLE at BC Liquor Stores!

We’ve got BIG news for British Columbia! Cariboo Genuine 24 Packs are NOW AVAILABLE at BC Liquor Stores as of Mid-September!

You want it? You got it! After numerous requests over the years for a 24 Pack of our tried and true Cariboo Genuine Lager, we’ve made it happen and 24’s are currently shipping to BC Liquor Stores as we type this!!

Made with our own pure BC spring water, Cariboo Genuine has been a classic go-to brew for years, and each purchase of a Cariboo Genuine 24 pack helps put trees in the ground, as partial proceeds go towards reforestation projects wherever Cariboo Brewing products are sold!

Looking for a Cariboo Genuine 24 in your neck of the woods? You can find the store nearest to you with Cariboo Genuine 24’s in stock by clicking RIGHT HERE!!!