Cariboo Brewing x Wired Splitboard

For Winter 20/21 we decided we wanted to do something different. We love everything Winter here at Cariboo Brewing, and felt like we wanted to take it to the next level with our Winter gear this year.

Over the last few years, we started to hear more and more about a Vancouver-based brand called Wired Snowboards, who had been building epic custom boards of various shapes and sizes in Vancouver, BC, using sustainable epoxies, and made by riders, for riders.

We met up with Rob and Peppe of Wired, and were instantly blown away by the attention to detail and level of passion they took with each step of the building process along the way in they’re cozy Vancouver workshop. From the selection of materials, to the finishing process, the quality of work that the team at Wired does is second to none, and we couldn’t be more stoked to collaborate with them on a very limited run of Cariboo Brewing x Wired SPLITBOARD!

Just what is a Splitboard, you might ask? WELL: A Splitboard is more or less a normal Snowboard, but it has a split own the middle that can transform it into touring Skis that can travel uphill much faster than hiking, once a special adhesive is applied called “skins”. The board is split into skis and the skins are applied to walk up the hill, and once at the peak, you can connect the two halves together back into a snowboard, so that you can enjoy fresh untouched powder with no resort crowds, get there using your own 2 feet, and feel good doing it! You’ll probably want to reward yourself with a nice Apres Cariboo Genuine after a solid day on your new Cariboo Splitboard!


A VERY limited run of 7 Splitboards have been available at various locations across BC such as Squamish, Vancouver Island, and Kelowna, to Enter to Win BUT we also made just 5 extra that can only be purchased in the Cariboo Store through while supplies last.


Learn more about Wired Snowboards right here






*Heading out into the Backcountry? Please make sure to take proper precautions, have proper AST courses in place, and let someone know where you will be before heading up there! Stay Safe.