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“The pine beetle outbreak followed by catastrophic fires are going to require a huge effort to reforest. Having companies like PWB step up is a wonderful example for others to follow.”

… Forester Neil Hughes

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Now Available in Alberta: Cariboo Hard Root Beer!

There’s been a rumble in the Rockies asking for more Cariboo in Alberta, and one of the biggest requests we’ve heard to date would have to be for Cariboo Hard Root Beer! After years of being available exclusively in British Columbia, we felt it was time to share one of our greatest natural resources with […]

New Release: Cariboo Buckshot 12 packs!

It’s a big year for Cariboo Buckshot!! For starters, Our friendly neighbours in Alberta got to be a part of this 6.4% big bang, with Cariboo Buckshot 4 packs being made available at private Cariboo retailers across the province in early January ’23. Now, in British Columbia, we’ve answered a call for bigger packs of […]

Now Available in Alberta: Cariboo Buckshot!

Like we mentioned before, Here in British Columbia We’ve been hearing the calls from our friendly neighbours in Alberta loud and clear, and they’ve been saying: “We want more Cariboo!!” 2023 has been a BIG year for Boo in Alberta with Cariboo Honey landing in stores for the first time in early January, and now […]